3-year-old dies after being raped, 10-month-old sister in hospital – now mom points to the stepdad

There are some cruelties in this world that, try as one might, are almost impossible to comprehend.

To say this story fits into that category is a relative understatement; it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

A 3-year-old boy died on the morning of September 8 in Santa Fe, Argentina after being violently raped, as per newspaper Todo Noticias.

His little sister, just 10-months-old, is still fighting for her own life at the Santa Fe childhood hospital.

Reports state the young siblings were rushed to Niños Orlando Alassia Hospital in Sante Fe, Argentina this weekend.

The hospital manager, Osvaldo Carrillo, said the boy’s condition was critical when he entered. He had several fractures to his skull, chest and ribs. Hospital staff were able to revive him and move him to an intensive care unit, but sadly he deteriorated and passed away in his sleep.

According to sources, Carrillo informed doctors not to blame themselves for the boy’s death, given the condition he had been in when they received him.

Serious injuries

The medical team saw injuries to suggest that the little boy had been sexually abused. Both he and his younger sister showed clear signs of neglect and physical abuse as well.

After being questioned, the mother of the two children accused her partner – the stepfather of the children – for the attack. He’s since been arrested.

The 10-month-old girl, meanwhile, is currently being monitored whilst she makes her recovery in hospital. She will be placed into care when she’s well enough to leave.

Put simply, atrocities like this should never be allowed to happen. A mother cannot be permitted to let a human do this to a child; it’s simply inhuman. I hope the guilty party will be harshly punished for his disgusting actions, and that the young girl makes a recovery.

Meanwhile, I write this solely in the hope of raising awareness concerning the truly depraved acts some humans are capable of. All of my thoughts and prayers go to these two innocent children. Share this story if you agree.