4-year-old boy is fighting for life in ICU after tornado – his mom is now begging for prayers

The mother of a 4-year-old boy who is currently in ICU along with his father has asked for prayers to be sent to her family at this terrible time.

As per reports, little Grayson Meadows and his father Mikey Meadows were injured in the tornado that swept Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia on Sunday night.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has said that so far the tornado has resulted in the hospitalization of at least 20 people, as well as the destruction of 150 structures.

Wrap my boy in prayers right now please. Tell God to do what the doctors say is not possible. Heal him fully and leave…

Gepostet von Danyelle Kristyne am Montag, 13. April 2020

Two of those people hospitalized are Grayson and Mikey. Sources say both have suffered severe brain damage

Danyelle Stone, Grayson’s mother and Mikey’s wife, said neurosurgeons have told her there is “nothing they can do”.

She took to Facebook to write an impassioned post asking for prayers from the public.

Her post reads: “Wrap my boy in prayers right now, please. Tell God to do what the doctors say is not possible. Heal him fully and leave him here on this earth with me. Please. I cannot lose my boy. His name is Grayson. He is 4 years old.” 

Please pray for my son!

Gepostet von Josh Stone am Montag, 13. April 2020

Mikey’s brother Joe said he found Mikey and Grayson unconscious shortly after realizing the tornado was upon them.

“Before I knew it, my brother Mikey told me to get downstairs and before I could even leave my room something came through the window, knocked me on the ground and I crawled out of the room,” Joe said.

“My brother and my nephew were knocked out unconscious bleeding from their heads in their room,” he said. He immediately picked up the little boy and ran downstairs.”

With further help from the neighbors, the family were able to get Grayson to hospital. They say its a miracle both father and son have survived this long.

“Mikey also has severe injuries and we are asking for prayers that he wakes up. He has made it out of surgery but they were not able to save the fragments of his skull that were broken. He has a titanium mesh holding his brain in place,” Danyelle wrote on Facebook.

“They had to remove a large portion of the left side of his brain. Right now the goal for him is for him to wake up.”

Cara Stanco, a family friend, has started a GoFundMe page to help cover the medical expenses that the family currently face. Please, please, hold Grayson and Mikey in your prayers.

We’re sending all our love and hugs to this poor family. They don’t deserve the terrible thing that has happened and only God can help them now.

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