4-year-old girl catches COVID-19 after dad warned wife she shouldn’t go to ‘safe’ play group

When it comes to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from the coronavirus, many of us have taken different approaches.

For one particular family, a split in opinion over certain safety measures led to an argument. A few weeks ago, a dad wrote in to Slate’s ‘Care and Feeding’ advice column to say he was concerned over his wife taking their kids to a play group run by another mom in the community.  

The dad said that he didn’t want the kids going to the group, as he was worried they might contract coronavirus. His wife, however, said he was being ridiculous.

In a new letter, the dad has outlined now that not only did one of kids test positive for coronavirus, but two of his kids are sick and he fears the rest of the family will follow.

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The dad said that his wife had been taking their three kids – aged two, four, and six, to a kindergarten play group. This included lessons from another mom who was a teacher.

After voicing doubts over the guaranteed safety of his children, the dad was reassured by his wife that they would keep the house sanitized, and that the chances of them contracting COVID-19 was low.

In an update, however, the dad shared some pretty alarming news.

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“Four days after that,” he writes, “one of the moms urgently called around to the kindergarten moms to say that her kid, who had been attending play group, had tested positive for COVID-19.”

It transpired that out of the eight kindergarteners and 10 siblings who had gone to the club, six kindergarteners and seven siblings showed symptoms of COVID-19 within a week.

The dad explained that his four-year-old and six-year-old are amongst those showing symptoms, with one little girl from the play group having been admitted to hospital.

“My wife is beating herself up for taking the kids, and I am beating myself up for not putting my foot down before the kids went to the first day,” he continued.

“I and my wife will regret these events for the rest of our lives, even if all of our kids pull through it like it was a cold.”

Here’s to praying these little kids get through coronavirus with as little issues as possible.

It’s difficult to know what to do and what not to do give the masses of conflicting information we are now fed each day.

That said, I can’t help but think a ‘safety first’ approach during this pandemic is the one most likely to ensure your family comes through it unscathed.

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