4-year-old girl dies tragically – her mom’s picture of her last journey is heartbreaking

When Ellie was born, she was just like any other baby, and her parents were overjoyed to welcome her into the world.

But it wasn’t long before her parents noticed that something was wrong.

Just four months after Ellie was born, doctors discovered that she had a brain tumor. And it was so big that it took up a third of her head.


Ellie had a rare kind of tumor called DIG (desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma).

After the diagnosis, Ellie and her family spent more and more time at the hospital.

A Facebook page, Prayers for Ellie Walton, was established so that anyone could support Ellie.


Ellie’s condition deteriorated, and on January 15, she passed away. Her parents were devastated, but they also knew that now their daughter wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Ellie was just four years old.

I can’t imagine how it would feel to lay a child to rest. It must take extreme strength and a lot of support to cope with such a tragedy.

On March 16, Ellie’s mom posted a picture on the Prayers for Ellie Walton Facebook page for the first time in a while.


She wrote:

“We made you a custom urn, you would love it baby girl. Unfortunately temporary urns are just boxes, that wasn’t good enough for you, so I decorated it, until your perfect urn comes in. Driving you home the other day, I was scared, but buckling you in felt normal.”

The image next to the text is profoundly moving. Ellie’s mom had ordered an urn for her little girls ashes, but it didn’t arrive before it was time to take Ellie home. So Ellie’s mom brought her baby girl home in a cardboard box. She fastened the box in Ellie’s car seat, which was still set up in the family car.


“This will change, baby girl. I will make it change. I never want another mom to feel this way, and I will fight for these other kids so that no other mom has to buckle in ashes of their babies. Because you have always been worth #morethan4.”

Although Ellie’s mom experienced something no parent should have to experience, she is clear that she wouldn’t want to change anything. Ellie left behind a treasure trove of fond memories.


Now, Ellie’s mom wants to help others by paying tribute to her daughter’s life and allowing her memory to live on.

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