4-year-old photographed praying for grandpa on life support – let’s send him our strength

With the coronavirus pandemic in full flow, a wave of uncertainty has swept over most all of our lives. Sacrifices are being made to our normal way of living and there are some who are really feeling the pinch.

And yet, even during dark times, turning to faith can restore much of what has been lost, not least peace of mind.

4-year-old Owen, from Atlanta, knows that as well as anyone. As per WTOL, the young boy witnessed several of his family members battling coronavirus, including his aunt, uncle, cousin, grandpa and grandma.

“Every one of us, out of all four of us — our chief complaint was something different,” Owen’s uncle, Bob Paulus, said.

“We were able to interconnect that I had something similar with my mom or my wife had something similar with my dad, but at the time, we weren’t able to connect all the dots.”

On April 9, Owen’s mom, Brandee Hanes, posted an update along with a photo of her son at prayer. The subject of his prayer was his grandpa, Chuck Paulus, who had been on life support and in a coma while he’d spent the month in hospital.

DAY 21 EVENING REPORT: It's now been 3 WEEKS of this nightmare! 😫 About Mom & Bob: They went to the doctor's office and…

Gepostet von Brandee Hanes am Donnerstag, 9. April 2020

Unsurprisingly, the photo captured the hearts of thousands. Not only did people send their support to little Owen and his family, but their prayers appear to have been answered in some part.

The most recent news is that Owen’s grandpa is waking up!

“Dad is doing really, really good,” she said. “We have had more days of progress and that is a blessing — an absolute blessing.

DAY 31 EVENING REPORT: So, thank you Jesus, another GREAT report!! Dad's vitals have remained stable and no episodes of…

Gepostet von Brandee Hanes am Sonntag, 19. April 2020

“Again thank you all for your support, love, and prayers!!” Owen’s mom Brandee posted on Tuesday. “Our number of family members have grown drastically because of all of you!! Know We ❤ U and APPRECIATE you all!!”

Way to go, Owen! We’re proud of you and your inspiring faith. Here’s to hoping all of your family pull through safe and sound.

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