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4-year-old says she talks to her dead dad – then her mom hears the inconceivable message

Jacie was just a little girl when her father died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001.

Soon after Jacie’s dad’s funeral, the little girl’s mother, Lisa, noticed that Jacie’s behavior was a little odd.

Lisa found her four-year-old daughter seemingly having conversations with multiple people in her empty room.

“I’d say, ‘Jacie, who are you talking to?'” Lisa said. “‘My dad! Talking to daddy.'”

Lisa was careful not question too much, thinking that this was Jacie’s way of processing her dad’s death.

But at the same time, the curious mom couldn’t help but wonder what her daughter was talking about.

And when Jacie finally told her mom about what she was talking about, the 4-year-old gave a shocking and unexpected explanation.


Jacie was just four years old when her father died in the September 11 attacks.

2,996 people died when the twin towers collapsed—and Jacie was just one of many children who lost a parent on that fateful day.

Flickr 9/11 Photos

But unlike many other children, Jacie started doing something rather odd just after her dad’s funeral.

Jacie’s mom, Lisa, noticed that her daughter would sit alone in her room and have long conversations with her deceased dad.

And Lisa hardly believe her ears when Jacie told her details that no one could explain.


Jacie said among other things that she used to talk not only to her father, but also his “boys.”

The “boys” were Jacie’s father’s colleagues, who also passed away during the terrorist attacks.

Jacie could name all of her dad’s coworkers and she could also describe them, even though she had never met or heard of these individuals before his father’s death.

Jacie pointed them out one by one in old photographs.


Although this is something we don’t hear about every day, it’s certainly not the first time someone has claimed that they had contact with a deceased person.

And I’m sure that Jacie actually talked to her father, but how and in what form—only she really knows.

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