40-year-old woman gets makeover including 2 feet of hair cut off: Looks at herself in the mirror and instantly starts to cry

Taking control of your life and making big changes isn’t always easy.

Often you know you’ll feel better after altering something, but it can be difficult to break old habits and patterns – it’s easy for us to get comfortable with what we have and do.

For some, the necessary change doesn’t come until one ‘eureka’ moment forces us to throw out the old and beckon in the new. Angela had one such moment when she turned 40-years-old.

After seeing pictures of herself from her birthday party, she came to the conclusion that her nice, long hair wasn’t as beautiful as it had once been.

Three decades had passed since she’d had a style-changing cut, but it was now time to buck the trend!

Angela contacted Minneapolis-based hairdresser Christopher Hopkins, whom she had heard a lot about.

Christopher, also known as the ‘Makeover Guy’, lives to make men and women feel comfortable about themselves with regards to their appearances. He knew exactly how to help Angela.

When Angela sat down in the chair, Christopher was full of praise for her luscious locks.

However, despite the fact her husband also liked her hair being the length it was, Angela felt that she was tired of it; it no longer made her feel beautiful in the way it once had.

2 foot cut


She knew to obtain it would mean cutting off two-feet of hair … but she was ready.

Fortunately, she had a friend who was looking for a wig, so all that hair wouldn’t be entirely wasted.

As soon as Christopher began to cut, a smile spread across Angela’s face. She instantly felt better, and the makeover wasn’t even properly in full swing!

By the time the transformation was complete, Angela looked at herself for the first time and lost her breath. You can see her reaction in the video below.

All I can say is ‘wow’. I have a feeling you’ll be the same.

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