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52-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Daughter’s Twins After In Vitro Fertilization.

For several years, Kendra and her husband Aaron tried to have a baby, but without success. Nothing seemed to work, even though they tried every possible fertility treatment. The couple desperately wanted a child, but had given up hope that it would ever happen. But then, someone unexpected stepped and offered the couple help…

Kendra’s mom, Crystal, couldn’t bear to see her daughter so depressed over the fact that she and her husband, Aaron, weren’t able to become pregnant. So, at 52, Crystal decided to act as a surrogate mother for her daughter and son-in-law.

With the help of in vitro fertilization, Crystal was able to carry not just one, but two, children!


Crystal’s sacrifice for her daughter is really admirable. For nearly a year, she lived with Kendra and Aaron in Arizona, far from her home in Michigan.

She received daily hormone injections and had weekly ultrasounds to make sure all was well inside her stomach. But halfway through the pregnancy, something caused the family grave concern. Crystal began spotting blood and it looked like she had suffered a miscarriage.


When the doctors saw Crystal’s ultrasound, they delivered good news. Both babies’ hearts were beating and the babies showed all the signs of being healthy. And after 37 weeks, twins Domenic and Mia were born.

Crystal’s heroic action just goes to show you how far mothers are willing to go to make their children happy.

See the full story of Crystal’s surrogate pregnancy here:

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