7-year-old dies after battle with rare cancer, now his family are facing eviction after landlord says “We want them out.”

A seven-year-old boy who’s family are fighting eviction has passed away after a battle with a rare form of cancer, according to tragic reports.

The family of young Tristan Green confirmed on Monday that their son had died after being diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was five years old.

Tristan’s family have been struggling financially this year, and were already finding it tough to make ends meet before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Credit / Green Family

“We made ends meet up until COVID happened and the transplant relapse,” Tristan’s mom Kristi Green said.

“We struggled, but we always made sure the bills got paid, even if we were late. Then when he relapsed, it really just went downhill from there.”

As per reports, Tristan’s family had hoped to take him to see Christmas decorations in their home state of Tennessee at the weekend, but he was too sick to make the trip.

The seven-year-old’s condition worsened, and he sadly passed away on Saturday.

Christmas Love, a Facebook group, had attempted to help Tristan’s family by collecting money to pay their outstanding rent. Yet when they tried to do so, their landlord wouldn’t accept it.

Joni Winsett, one of the founders of Christmas Love, explained: “We arrived there to pay, and they refused to take payment, absolutely refused it.

“They said we’re not taking any money from them. We want them out.”

The world can be such a cruel place sometimes. Not only are this family dealing with the loss of their young son, but now they’re faced with being evicted now.

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