8-Year-Old Writes Hilarious Letter To His Mom From Summer Camp.

Four years ago, Liesl Testwuides dropped her then 8-year-old son off at summer camp for the first time. Her son had never been away from home for more than a night before, and not even an hour had passed before Liesl began to miss him. That night, Liesl paced back and forth at home and ended up in her son’s room, where she felt close to him.

Liesl mailed her son a letter every day, and she earnestly hoped to receive a letter from him in response. She missed her son so much that she began to imagine what he might write in that letter.

Liesl hoped he’d write that he learned a lot of new things, like how to remove a fish from a fishhook, how to tie knots, or maybe how to groom a horse. She hoped he’d write that he used the sunscreen she packed, eaten porridge and drank enough water. Perhaps he had made new friends and learned to play cards and sing new songs.

Then one day, Liesl received a long-awaited letter from her son. But it wasn’t exactly what she had dreamt of…

Image source: Liesl Testwuide

In any case, it seems like Liesl’s son had a wonderful time at summer camp! She wrote in her blog that she’s going to give her son a whole booklet of stamps next year, and she looks forward to seeing what he’ll write then.

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