89-year-old grandfather is full of bruises, everyone is shocked when the surveillance camera reveals the nasty truth

There’s nothing nice about growing older and suddenly finding yourslef unable to manage the simplest of tasks.

Surrounding yourself with family and friends can be extremely important to keep your will to live alive, in circumstances like this.

Unfortunately, some elderly are forced to get help in nursing homes instead where they may not feel comfortable being looked after by strangers.

But nothing can be worse than when one such stranger is abusive. That’s what happens to one elderly man in the story below.

89-year-old Georges Karam, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, moved into a long-term residence in Ottawa, Canada when his condition got so bad he required help with everything from eating to getting dressed. 

His family had carefully chosen a home that appeared to have a good reputation, but began to suspect something was wrong when Georges began to show bruises and wounds on his body.

George’s grandson, Daniel Nassrallah, inquired about the injuries, but the home staff always told him that he’d fallen out of bed.

But Daniel remained skeptical and decided to install a hidden camera in Georges’s room.

When he later watched the footage, he was enraged – and understandably so.

One of the home’s caretakers, 44-year-old Jie Xiao, was seen repeatedly and aggressively binding Georges’ hands together. Georges, who is no longer able to talk, can be seen lifting his arms in an effort to protect himself.

Daniel counted eleven blows before Jie gave up and let his grandfather be.

Daniel immediately called the police and Jie was arrested the same evening. He was also fired.

Georges went to the hospital for a thorough examination, but luckily he had not been seriously injured, writes The Mirror.

The manager of Garry J. Armstrong’s long-term residence has apologized for the incident and said that they do not tolerate any form of abuse.

Despite the terrible experience George was put through, his family decided to allow him to remain in the home after Jie was fired. A move to a new environment would have been too stressful for him.

Now, Georges’s family is working hard to make changes to the long-term residence system. “The system is broken and changes are required,” says Daniel.

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No one should be treated in this way, especially not our vulnerable elderly!

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