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9 Dads Who Completely Have This Whole “Parenting” Thing Down Pat.

Dads have a reputation for being less affectionate than moms, and perhaps that’s because when things get tough, they’re often called on to be the protector or enforcer. But dads also love goofing around, playing the clown, and figuring out hilarious ways of making even the most routine task seem fun. This adorable video is full of moments just like that. The America’s Funniest Home Videos compilation shows nine dads who own the whole “parenting” thing. AFV writes: “These are some of the most precious videos ever surfaced of dad being amazing parents. Dads are adorable when mom’s around, and even sweeter when they’re taking care of baby alone. This one is for the awesome dads!” My favorite clip comes at the 2:03 mark, when one dad teaches his daughter how to react to his awesome martial arts moves. And who knew you could use a vacuum cleaner to make hairstyling more fun? Check out all nine hilarious examples of dad’s being dads below!

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