95-year-old grandmother becomes oldest person to recover from coronavirus in Italy

A 95-year-old grandmother has become the oldest person in the province of Modena, Italy, to beat coronavirus, according to reports.

The Daily Mail say Alma Clara Corsini, from Fanano, was rushed to a hospital on March 5 after showing symptoms of the virus.

Medical staff have now confirmed that the grandmother has shown a ‘great reaction’ to treatment. She’s since made a full recovery and been discharged.

Alma told Italian newspaper Gazzetta Di Modena: “Yes, yes, I’m fine. They were good people who looked after me well, and now they’ll send me home in a little while. “

As per reports, specialists at the hospital said the 95-year-old recovered without antiviral therapy.

She’s one of the lucky ones, however. So far, Italy has been Europe’s worst-hit nation, with over 59,000 cases and 5,476 deaths. Yesterday their government closed down all non-essential business, heightening the state of lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of the virus.

Businesses in Italy have until Wednesday to close down operations and will have to stay shut until April 3.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all Italians at this terrible time, as well as indeed others around the world suffering with coronavirus.

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