96-year-old WWII veteran brought to tears by surprise Veterans Day parade by neighbors

This year’s Veterans Day was celebrated a little differently by most. After all, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there can be few, if any, of the usual festivities.

For one World War II veteran, Vincent Moreno, that meant that he couldn’t go out and pay his respects to his comrades, both fallen and alive.

“I should’ve been able to go to the cemetery and see my buddy, but we can’t go,” he said, as per reports.

Moreno is closing in on 97, but he still likes to keep himself active where possible. As one might imagine, being forced to keep indoors and away from exposure to coronavirus hasn’t been the easiest for him.

“I miss everything,” Moreno said. “My meetings every week. Days like this we’d be out doing something.”

With Veterans Day looming, his family knew that they had to do something to restore his spirits. Unbeknownst to him, they lined the street with flags, assembled a sign, and even staged lights.

Then, on Veterans Day, a dozens-strong parade of cars drove by Moreno’s house in Humble, Texas to thank him for his service.

Moreno, who was reduced to tears, said: “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the good kids and wife.”

He’s now living in hope that the pandemic will be brought to an end soon, and that people will be able to return to their regular lives. For Moreno, that will mean going out to enjoy things like the Rodeo and Veterans Day again.

“We’ll live through it,” Moreno said. “We’ll make it. We made it through World War II. We’ll get it through this one.”

A huge thank you to all our veterans … you guys are truly what makes America great.

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