99 Movies From The 90s You’ve Probably Seen. But Can You Guess All These Snapshots Right?

Let me start with an important disclaimer. I love entertaining people at home. I can get almost competitive at it sometimes. I feel a personal responsibility that anyone and everyone who enters my home such should not only enjoy a nice dinner, but a really fun time as well! I am actually supposed to have a couple of friends over tomorrow night for a dinner party. I was struggling to think of a fun activity we could all do together, but that would also be a little different from the norm. Usually, we end up playing cards, or just watching YouTube videos, and while it’s often fun, that can get pretty repetitive. I really want to try something new. Then I came across this. Now I know exactly what to do tomorrow when my friends come over. I’m definitely put this quiz on the TV screen so we can sit and go through them together. The best part is I get to take a look at these iconic movie snapshots and practice first 🙂

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