99% of adults can’t find the ‘C’ in this image in less than seven seconds – are you in the 1%?

Optical illusions and online quizzes are all the rage these days, and it’s hardly surprising as to why.

With that said, every now and again one comes along that really baffles/stumps/infuriates the people who try their hand at it. Some of them claim to be able to ‘tell you something about yourself’ based on what you see first, others merely test your cognitive capabilities.

Well, we’ve found an illusion that’s so puzzling apparently just a minuscule 1% of adults can solve it in under seven seconds.

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So, the challenge in question is based around a large grid filled with row up row of the letter ‘O’. Seems simple enough? It is … just not when you’re tasked with finding the letter ‘C’.

Now, the creators claim – and it is a bold claim, we’ll admit – that 99% of adults who take this test will be unable to locate said ‘C’ within seven seconds or less.

Ready to join the 1%?

Of course, the easy method of doing it is to scan through the picture line by line until you hit upon the row hiding the ‘C’. This, however, does not qualify you in the 1%, since, well, anyone can do that.

Instead, if your aim is to legitimately beat the challenge, your best bet is to prepare yourself for what you’re looking for before you cast your eyes on the image. It’s also worth noting that avoiding focusing on any particular area of the grid is important – this just slows you down if you’re looking at the wrong area.

So, now that we’ve covered those things, are you ready?




Did you find the ‘C’? If so, then congratulations, your mind and eyes are in fine working order.

Didn’t find it in seven seconds? Don’t worry! If the creators are to be believed then 99% of people – yes, that’s a huge amount – couldn’t. It’s not a mark on your cognitive abilities, nor your eyesight. These things happen!

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