99-year-old World War II survivor celebrates birthday outside with family, the first time since March – Happy Birthday, Nanny Frances

A 99-year-old woman was able to celebrate her birthday in style this year, stepping outside with her family for the first time since March.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in some way, though some have felt its constrictions more than others. It’s no secret that those in high-risk groups – including the elderly – have been forced to dramatically change their lives to keep safe during these troubled times, and that’s made for a very unique, if not forgettable year.

Nanny Frances Gooden knows all about that. She’s been isolating since March, and so the fact she was able to go outside to celebrate turning 99 with her family was truly special.

Nanny Frances worked on airplanes during World War II, and she says the secret to a long and happy life is getting help from other people.

Even so, this year has taken its toll. Having to shield from coronavirus has meant that day-to-day life has been extremely restricted for this inspirational woman.

Which is why when the time came to celebrate her birthday, staff at the Waters of Cheatham nursing home, in Ashland City, Tennessee, knew they wanted to do something to lift her spirits.

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To that end, they organized a special day where Nanny Frances was able to go out and enjoy time with her family for the first time in almost nine months!

“I love every one of you, nobody could do this, nobody, you really made a big deal out of me,” Nanny Frances said.

Though it’s been easy to let the pandemic – and all of its depressing side effects – get us down, we must remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will come through this soon!

Happy Birthday, Nanny Frances, and many happy returns.

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