A group of teens admit to texting and driving. Then she tells tells them how her parents died

They only last a second or two, but cell phone message alerts and ringtones are among the most powerful sounds out there. I know when I hear the iMessage sound on my phone, my hand starts moving before the sound is even over and well before I realize what I’m doing.

And it almost doesn’t matter if I’m working, watching a football match, or talking to a friend… If I don’t catch myself, I stop everything.

But I never realy intended to become a slave to my phone. Which is why it’s good to think about how we use our phones once in a while. Because the way we use our phones might not seem like a big deal, but it can have big consequences.

In the video below, the production team starts by asking some teens about using their phones while driving. And the teens are almost giddy when they talk about using Instagram and Snapchat on the road.

And while it only takes a second to check or send a message, a lot can happen in a second. Like a car accident…

Then then tone changes, and out comes a woman who has a story to tell about texting while driving. She and her parents were driving home from her college graduation while someone in another car was using their phone. And I won’t tell you her story here, but it’s powerful, and I really feel like watching it could save lives. Check it out below and share it with all of your friends and loved ones who might be a little too addicted to their phones!

Please share video this with all of your friends and loved ones. It might make them think twice before textin—and that could save their life!

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