A Half-Naked Homeless Man Is Ignored On A Train. Then A Stranger Does THIS And Restores My Faith In Humanity.

Unfortunately, loads of people in this world live under excruciatingly painful and painful conditions. It is difficult to know everyone’s story and be able to understand just what leads to difficult situations. This is certainly true with regards to homeless people. I for one often wonder how they end up on the street. Still, many judge them, and I think that’s just sad. At the end of the day, they are human like everyone else and we can only guess as to how they ended up in their difficult situation. On the other hand, many show compassion and humanity rather than judge them. And that is what happens in this clip, which made my eyes water. A man saw a homeless man sitting and shivering on a subway, and while others ignored and walked by him, he did something entirely different. Another passenger on the train depicted what happened. It is really worth the watch, if only to momentarily restore your faith in humanity.  

God stil (Y)

Posted by Dagens Helte on den 9 januari 2016

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