After 2 years apart: little brother refuses to let big brother go

Being away from one’s siblings for an extended period of time can really be difficult, and this is especially true for children. 

Sure, we all argue with our brothers and sisters, and sometimes they drive us nuts, but we also share a very special, unistakeable bond. The kind of closeness that emerges from growing up with someone, day in day out, is just not replaceable.

Brothers Landon and Cam Diebold show exactly this in this incredibly moving video. Landon had been without big brother Cam for two long years. When Cam returned from a long mission, he decided to surprise his little brother. 

Landon had no idea that Cam was coming, so when Cam suddenly shows up to his soccer practice, he has the surprise of his life. The happiness on his face is pure bliss.

He runs and jumps right into his brother’s arms and refuses to let go. What a tearjerking reunion!

“You’re so big now,” Cam tells his little brother, as their mother films the reunion. Watch it below – but grab some tissues first!

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