Baby Girl Grabs Doctor’s Finger While Still Inside The Womb.

She wasn’t even born yet, but baby Nevaeh, whose name is “Heaven” spelled backward, was clearly eager to greet the world. Dad, Randy Atkins of Glendale, Arizona, was standing by in the maternity ward as his wife Alicia was having a C-section. And everything was going as planned, until the doctor in charge of delivering Nevaeh suddenly called out, “Hey, she’s grabbing my finger!” Randy immediately grabbed his camera and ran to the delivery table. Nevaeh was indeed reaching out of her mother’s womb and clutching the doctor’s finger. Worried he wouldn’t capture the incredible moment, Randy took a picture, and just in time! Now, the family has an beautiful photo that they’ll cherish forever. Mom Alicia said, “It was such an amazing photo. Hospital staff had possibly heard of it happening but they had never seen a photo of it.” See the photo and hear Alicia and Randy tell the story in the video below!

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