Baby looks at daddy without a beard for the first time – her reaction is wonderful

The beard trend has been around for a while now, and it certainly comes and goes. 

But after having a baby, some dads decide it may be time to say bye to their scruffy facial hair, to cuddle closer to their little bundles of joy – and because those bundles of joy also seem to love pulling on them. 

That’s precisely what one dad, JC Marshall, recently decided- but when came the time to reveal his new, unbearded self, he could never have imagined such an adorable reaction from his 7-month-old baby girl, Anistyn Claire.

Not only did her reaction make his heart explode with love, it has the whole online community’s hearts melting, too!

Seven-month-old baby Anistyn grew up with a bearded dad. She loved playing peekaboo on his lap, and each time the blanket disappeared from daddy’s face, there he was, familiar beard and all. And dad certainly managed to make her smile and giggle every time.

Source: YouTube / Akhil Blossom

But one day, daddy’s face suddenly looks very different.

It was time to make the big revelation…

Source: YouTube / Akhil Blossom

When JC removed the blanket and uttered the familiar “peekaboo”, Anistyn is suddenly pensive. Her facial expressions speak volumes.

Source: YouTube / Akhil Blossom

At first, she isn’t exactly sure how to react to the seemingly unknown face – and finally gives way to some simply adorable confusion – she doesn’t recognize her dad, and starts to cry.

Source: YouTube / Akhil Blossom

The father quickly cuddles her in his arms and comforts her, but couldn’t help but get a good laugh from his daughter’s sweet reaction. The parents thought her reaction was so cute, they decided to post it on YouTube and share the sweet moment. 

I’m sure Anistyn will be laughing at this in a few years!

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