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Baby survives brain injury against all odds – and doctors have no idea how

Joi Rawitch and her husband, David, were expecting their second child. Everything looked good on the ultrasound and the couple was excited to be parents again. But well into her pregnancy, Joi had an uncomfortable feeling.

Although doctors assured her that everything was fine, the mom-to-be couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. And when she finally did give birth to a baby boy, Joi looked into her son’s eyes and knew that what she had been feeling while pregnant was real.

When Joi first felt that something was amiss, doctors dismissed her concerns and said her “intuition” was just the normal anxiety of an expectant mother. Joi’s husband, David, did his best to try to calm her and also told her that everything would be fine.

But Joi still felt 100 percent sure that something was wrong with her baby.

When her son Andrew was born, at first, it looked like the doctors had been right. The newborn seemed healthy and his parents could finally relax.

But just an hour after Andrew’s birth, something happened. Joi looked him in the eye and saw something. Andrew was “gone” and his eyes were completely empty. A few seconds later, a nurse came by and saw that Andrew was turning gray.

And it was at that moment that they realized that something was seriously wrong with the boy.

Doctors immediately sought to revive Andrew, who had stopped breathing.

It turned out that Joi’s concern had been for a reason, and now the family was living a nightmare. Andrew had a serious brain defect. An MRI showed that his right lobe was severely underdeveloped and had triggered the seizures that caused him to stop breathing.

The news that doctors had for Joi and David was devastating. They weren’t even certain that Andrew would survive—and if he did, he’d grow up with developmental problems.

The family was in shock.

“It was a situation that didn’t have any possible happy ending based upon what they were telling us,” David told a television reporter.

Then three days after Andrew’s birth, something happened to Joi. Just as she had sensed that there was something wrong with her son, she now had a strong feeling that everything would be fine. And she heard a voice in her head that said: “He’ll be okay.”

Now, the family dared to hope again.

“It was a huge turning point for us. Because up to that point, we were afraid to get to know him, because we thought we’d lose him.”

Although Andrew was in need of round-the-clock care, Joi and David chose to take him home and care for him there.

With the help of medication, Andrew’s seizures were kept in check. But after three months, something occurred that can only be called a miracle.

Joi discovered that her son was doing things that other children his age had yet to accomplish. When Andrew was three months old, he could hold a bottle. His mother was shocked.

Doctors X-rayed the boy’s brain again and discovered the unthinkable—the right side of his brain looked much better. It had healed itself and Andrew no longer needed to take medication.

None of the doctors could not explain how it had happened. It was simply a miracle. And by the time Andrew was six months old, his brain was fully developed and he looked like any other healthy boy.

The boy who doctors said would grow up severely brain damaged instead grew up to an intelligent boy. Today, you’d never guess that he was born with an underdeveloped brain.

And his parents couldn’t be happier.

What a wonderful story! And what a wonderful ending. This really proves how important it is to listen to a mother’s intuition!

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