Boy Burnt By Hot Water In The Garden Hose. Now His Mother Is Warning Other Parents About This Danger.

A 9-month-old baby boy in Phoenix, Arizona, suffered second degree burns over 30 percent of his body after his mother decided to cool him in the pool on Tuesday.

Now the mother is warning other parents, urging them to be extremely cautious when using the garden hose on hot summer days.

It was scorching hot in San Tan Valley on Tuesday. The temperature went over 40°C (110 °F), and Dominique Woodger decided to cool her 9-month-old son in his kiddy pool in the garden.

She placed the boy in the pool. Then she began to fill up the pool using their garden hose. When the boy was hit by the jet of water, he immediately began to cry.

“I thought he was crying because he’s mad… he hates when he gets sprayed in the face,” Dominique told TV station KNXV.

But she quickly realized something was much more serious. Her son’s skin was bright red and he had blisters over the entire right side of the body, where the water had hit him.

It turned out that the water which remained in the hose had been heated by the sun – and was around 65°C (150°F) when it hit her baby.

Bild: Youtube
Photo: YouTube

Dominique rushed her son to the hospital. Upon examination, doctors advised her that he had received second-degree burns over 30 percent of his body. Children have more sensitive skin than adults, so the quick 10-20 second “shower” he received was enough to burn his delicate body.

Luckily the doctors said he will recover from the injury without any permanent damage.

Bild: Youtube
Photo: YouTube

Dominique is now keen on warning other parents about this unexpected danger, to prevent other children and parents to experience the same terrible predicament – and worst fates.

Watch the full report below:

I was completely shocked and saddened when I read this, so I agree it’s really important to pass along. Pass this article on to warn other parents to keep keep in mind that water in your garden hose becomes extremely hot when it lays out in the sun on a hot day. Always make sure you let the water run for a while before you let the it touch your precious children!

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