Boy disappears without a trace – then police discover mysterious footsteps behind him

A parent’s worst nightmare must be losing your child, I say this as a parent myself.

Just the thought of my children going missing or something horrific happening to them breaks my heart.

This very nightmare became an actual reality for one mother whose child went missing from their home one morning.

The police began a search and came across the little boy’s footprints in a forest nearby.

But it wasn’t just his footprints they spotted — someone had clearly been following him along.

As parents, we tuck our kids into bed at night in our own homes thinking they are safe and sound.

And mom Chelsea Noble from Saucier, Mississippi, is no different. Therefore, you can only imagine the horror one morning when she went to check in on her 2-year-old son William and found an empty bed and her son nowhere in the house.

In a state of distress and panic, she immediately called the police in the hope of some help.

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The police started an extensive search to find the boy but despite using dogs, helicopters and an army of police officers — William was nowhere to be found.

The only clue they had was a few footprints they had found further down from the house. As they took a better look at the footprints however, they realized something horrific — they could clearly see another pair of footprints.

The police then assumed the worst — that someone had followed the boy and abducted him.

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Boy doesn’t speak

As you can only imagine, Chelsea became even more terrified and worried. To make matters worse, William who had previously been tested for autism, doesn’t speak which meant that the odds of hearing him crying or shouting would be slim.

The rescue team knew they had to find William before it was too late and that the second pair of footsteps were going to be the key to finding the boy.

The search went on for hours but it wasn’t the police who found the boy in the end. The hero of the day turned out be a 10-year-old boy and the mysterious second footsteps were also revealed — leaving many surprised.

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10-year-old Blake had just gotten off the school bus when he heard a dog barking. He became curious and decided to follow the sound by walking into the woods. There, he suddenly saw an abandoned car along with the dog that was still barking. From the looks of the pooch, it was a stray dog and he was running around the car, trying to draw attention to something inside of it.

Blake felt that something was fishy about the situation so he went to fetch his uncle and together they returned to the car. When the uncle took a peak into the car through one of the windows, he saw something he could never have imagined. In a box on one of the seats he could see a little boy sleeping — they had found William.

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Paws not feet

At last, William was reunited with his mother, all thanks to the barking of a stray dog and the curiosity of a 10-year-old boy. The authorities believe that William had walked out of the house on his own and into woods, luckily it seemed nothing had happened to him. And as for those mysterious footprints, well turns out they weren’t human footprints but animal tracks left by paws — dog paws.

After taking a closer look at the footprints, the police realized that the dog who had been found with the child, had been following William that entire day, by his side — like a friend. The dog, whose name is Jezebel, seems to have protected him during the long journey from his home to the forest and the car.

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Although William was reunited with his mother, Chelsea was later charged with misdemeanor child neglect, according to WLOX. The case is ongoing.

We are sad to hear about William being separated from his mother and hope it works out, but we are also very happy he is alive and well. All thanks to a lovely dog and a 10-year-old hero.

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