Boy is born with snow-white hair – when doc tells his mom the truth, she’s speechless

When baby Bence entered the world, his parents were shocked.

Their newborn’s hair was as white as snow.

Bence’s parents immediately assumed that their child had albinism.

But the boy’s doctor had another message for them.

Albinism is congenital disorder that leaves a person with a complete or partial lack of pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes.

When Bence was born in Hungary last year, he arrived with a full head of white hair.

His parents couldn’t believe their eyes. They both worried that something was wrong and assumed that their boy was sick.

They were convinced that their son had albinism. And although having the condition isn’t dangerous, albinos are often still looked down upon for their particular appearance.


Bence’s doctors took blood samples and after a few days had an answer for his anxious parents.

The truth was that Bence was completely normal. He didn’t have albinism—he just had extremely light hair. His doctors believe his hair will become darker as he ages.

One possible reason for Bence’s white hair is that he could have a temporary pigmentation disorder. People with this condition are born with light skin and even lighter hair, but their hair and skin color darkens over time.

Bences’s parents were able to breathe a sigh of relief—their little treasure was given a clean bill of health. Plus, he had a wonderful fluffy white locks!

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