Boy Is Waiting For His Luggage When He Gets A Huge Surprise. What A Reaction!

There’s nothing like a happy reunion. Whether it’s with a close family member, a loved one, or an old friend—when you haven’t seen that special someone in forever, the feeling when you finally see them again is just wonderful.

As for me, some of the best reunions I’ve ever had have been at airports. And this heartwarming clip, which was filmed in baggage claim, brought tears to my eyes and brought back the feeling of meeting my best friend again after many years. Watch the clip below and see why it’s spreading like wildfire online.

In this video, a little boy named Eli is waiting for his luggage at the airport. But he has no idea his mother has set up a special surprise for him—Eli is about to be reunited with his best friend, a girl whom he hasn’t seen for a full 17 months.

The two children developed their friendship when their dads, who are soldiers, were stationed at the same base. But when their fathers were both relocated, the two best friends were separated. Now, thanks to their mothers’ secret plan, they’re finally able to see each other again.

The moment when Eli and his friend catch sight of each other is just wonderful. This is what friendship is all about, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Check it out:

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