Boy on mail route disappears – when the truth is revealed, 20 mail trucks show up on his street

Every day without fail, a postal worker named Colleen was met with warm welcome as she delivered the mail on a suburban street in Rochester, New York. Her admirer was a teen named Matthew Watkins, who has always dreamed of working for the post office.

But one day when Colleen was delivering mail to Matthew’s house, she noticed something strange. Matthew was nowhere to be seen. Matthew didn’t greet her the next day either, or the next. And in the end, Colleen went eight months without seeing any signs of her greatest fan.

Worried, Colleen inquired about Matthew and was hit with the terrible news. The aspiring postal worker was suffering from leukemia.

Colleen told her colleagues about Matthew’s situation, and they immediately agreed—they had to do something for him.

Soon after Matthew came home from the hospital, he was greeted by a surprise.

Lining his street were not just one or two mail trucks, but a parade of 20 trucks all heading toward his family’s home.

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The town’s postal workers decided to get together and do something nice for Matthew. They stopped in front of the surprised teen, and delivered the mail, as usual.

But this time, there weren’t just bills and magazines, but nice gifts, including a postal sash with medals on it and a brand new postal worker’s uniform.

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Matthew was obviously overjoyed by the mail carriers’ simple, but incredibly kind, gesture.

Now, let’s pray that he manages to overcome his leukemia—and that his condition rapidly improves.

“He has lot of work to do, but he’s doing it. He’s getting stronger every day,” says Matthew’s mother, Jennifer.

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Watch a news report about Matthew and the mail carriers here:

A small gesture of kindness can mean a lot, and I’m so happy to read about these wonderful postal workers did something to light up Matthew’s life.

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