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Boy takes picture of cheese sandwich at school – the reason why has whole internet fuming

Justin and Hailee, both 7-years-old, from Maryland, USA, picked up their lunch trays at school one day. But instead of the usual meal, they soon saw what lay on their tray: a simple cheese sandwich. 

The reason? The students had ‘unpaid bills’, which a school administrator noted, authorizing their being given this “alternative” lunch.

Now, the internet is raging over this treatment. There has to be a better way to deal with such issues then to food shame innocent children! 

According to the school, the siblings’ account was overdue by US $12.

So when came time to serve lunch, they were given a sad looking cheese sandwhich rather than the usual lunch tray. 

The tray they received resembles “prison” food, says mother Lisa, who fears this treatment could easily lead to other students making fun and bullying the children.

According to the school, notifications are mailed to parents owing money. But mother Lisa says a phone call would have been the correct way to deal with this.

Watch the full report below.

I am appalled that this could be seen as acceptable – no innocent child deserves to be put in a situation that can lead them to be ridiculed or attacked. I hope the school takes measures to help prevent this in the future! 

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