Boy Stopped Meeting The Mailman On The Street. When She Finds Out Why, She Does Something Truly Wonderful.

The postman delivers mail day in and day out – but perhaps they do not always get the recognition they deserve for their hard work. One young man however, has no problem recognizing their hard work. In fact, he absolutely adores the postman, welcoming them every day with great enthusiasm. Rain or shine, the teenager, Matthew Watkins, who himself dreams of becoming a postman, stands and waves happily when the mail is being delivered. But one day Matthew was not there when his usual postwoman drove up to the Watkins family house on her daily round. Nor did she find him the next day, or the day after that. For eight months she wouldn’t have Matthew’s warm welcome waiting as she delivered their mail. That’s because during that time, he was in hospital being treated for leukemia. The postwoman, saddened by the news, informed her colleagues of Matthew’s predicament. When they found out that Matthew was coming home, they decided they wanted to do something extra special to welcome him back. Read the beautiful story below.

Matthew’s family took him out front, and it wasn’t long before the post truck appeared. Except it wasn’t just one post truck that day. It was a whole parade of them.

The postal office had organized a convoy of trucks to drive by, to the delight of the young man, who sat watching from his wheelchair.

Naturally, the postal staff also did what they did best: they delivered goods. For Matthew, several gifts were in order.

Matthew was obviously overjoyed by the postal staff’s wonderful gesture. Now just keep your fingers crossed that he manages to overcome the cancer – and it goes in the right direction.

“He has lot of work to do but he does it, he gets stronger every day,” Matthew’s mom Jennifer tolda local TV channel.

Take a look at the two-minute television segment about Matthew and the letter carriers: strong>

I think this story is testament to the fact that a small gesture can really make a big difference. I truly hope that Matthew gets well soon and that the compassionate postal workers inspired him. Please share this heartwarming story if you think what the postal office did was simply wonderful.

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