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Boy With Down Syndrome Was Dumped In Garbage Bag. Now He’s Been Given A New Life.

Sometimes, I really think that things happen for a reason. And it’s hard not to think that when you hear the story of Rachel and Jim.  Little did they know when they took a trip to Ecuador that the journey would change their lives forever…

Years before, an Ecuadorian carpenter was finishing up a normal day on the job. He was on his way home when just outside his workplace, he saw a garbage bag leaning against a wall. Once his eyes met the bag, he couldn’t look away—something was moving inside of it.

The man walked over to the garbage bag and opened it up. And to his horror, he found a newborn baby inside. The baby had presumably been dumped there because it had Down syndrome. But thankfully, the carpenter rescued him, and the boy was taken in by a local orphanage.

Which brings us to Rachel and Jim. In 2004, they ended up at this exact orphanage on a trip to Ecuador. And while there, Rachel met the little boy dumped in a garbage bag.

“It was love at first sight,” says Rachel.

The meeting led Rachel and Jim to adopt Eddie, and today, they’re a happy family.

Listen to Rachel tell the incredible story that’s already touched thousands of people.

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