Bride was bitten by a mosquito – then doctor discovers larvae in the back of her head

Getting married is a dream for many, many girls. Everything must be perfect and some even plan their wedding for several years before the big day.

One might decide to hire a wedding planner to ensure nothing goes wrong when the day comes…

But for this bride, none of the above could have prepared her for what happened on her wedding day.  

Kelly had recently been in Costa Rica for her bachelorette party, where she had gotten mosquito bites. But she thought nothing of it, applied some Vaseline and the festivities continued.

When she returned home for the big day, however, something wasn’t right. She found herself hysterical, yelling and behaving very oddly.

She said she felt something moving in the back of her head. Her own mother began to wonder if she’d gone crazy. Others thought she had some serious pre-wedding jitters.

But Kelly insisted something was terribly wrong, and she at last went to see a doctor by the name of Edward Panacek.

When Dr. Panacek began to examine the back of her head, he began to suspect what the problem was – and requested a needle.

It would soon become clear that poor Kelly had not in fact been losing her mind.

After picking at the nupe of her neck for a short time, Dr. Panaceka revealed what the problem was: a large larva.

But that was not the end. The doctor managed to pull out several more larvae from the back of Kelly head.

The culprit: a mosquito from Costa Rica had been carrying eggs from a bot larva- and deposited it under her skin. The eggs had unfortunately hatched right on her wedding day.

Below you can watch a re-enactment of the rather terrible event. Warning: some viewers might find these pictures disturbing!

I don’t know what I would have done if they had this happened to me, but I’d most likely be screaming bloody murder.

Next time you are overseas and get a mosquito bite, it may be worth keeping a close eye on your wound.

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