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Bruce Springsteen Shares An Adorable Dance With His 90-Year-Old Mom At NYC Concert.

When you’re singing in front of 18,000 fans, you’d be forgiven if you let it get to your head and forgot your roots. But Bruce Springsteen didn’t make that mistake when he recently ran out into the crowd to single out one special fan—his 90-year-old mom, Adele. Adele Springsteen makes it a point to watch her son play every time he performs near her home in New Jersey. And Bruce never forgets that his biggest fan is in the audience. In fact, it’s become something of a tradition for the “Born in the USA” singer to leave the stage during his hit, “Dancer in the Dark” and dance with his mom. But at a recent Madison Square Garden gig, he and his mom danced perhaps their most endearing dance ever. Springsteen joined his mom in the crowd while he and his E Street Band played their song “Ramrod.” Adele Springsteen was thrilled to be joined by her son and the lovely lady seemed relaxed even with the cameras projecting her onto the big screen. But the highlight came when Bruce whispered something into his mom’s ear and they turned their back to the cameras. Watch the video below to see this adorable mother and son dance and to see the hilarious plan Bruce concocted for him and his mother to do in front of the massive crowd. It’ll put a huge smile on you face!

Bruce Springsteen dancing with his mother

Bruce Springsteen and his 90-year-old mother danced to “Ramrod” during his concert at Madison Square Garden this evening.

Video credit: Stan Goldstein

Posted by Consequence of Sound on Monday, March 28, 2016

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