Bullies Mocked Her At School, But Watch When Her Big Brother Shows Up. What A Guy!

When 11-year-old Matt Morris heard that his little sister, Sarah, was bullied in school, he knew he had to do something. Sarah has Down syndrome, but rather to appreciate each other’s differences, some of the children at school made fun of her. Matt, who also goes by the name MattyB, is a bit of music star on YouTube, and quite famous for his rap. In a special video he made for Sarah, where he uses his own words, he creates a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”. The song and verses speak for themselves: here’s a big brother that really loves his little sister. Matt has never seen his sister as anything other than the little sister he loves to play with. He hopes that with his powerful vocals he can inspire others to stand up against bullying, especially with regards to people who make fun of those who look a little different.

Here’s the news story:

And you can watch Matt’s wonderful song clip here:

By sharing this, we show that we support Matt and Sarah. Bullying should never be tolerated, whether among adults, children, or people with special needs.