Canadian hockey team involved in horror crash: Dad shares heartbreaking photo from hospital

The world of sport was united in prayer this weekend after a terrible accident involving a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey team.

According to The Globe and Mail, 15 people were killed and 14 others injured in the accident that occurred at around 5pm in Saskatchewan. A truck collided with a bus carrying players and coaches from the Humboldt Broncos.

The list of fatalities included Broncos head coach Darcy Haugan, team captain Logan Schatz and radio announcer Tyler Bieber, while many others were left to battle serious injuries.

Amongst the latter were Derek Patter, Greyson Cameron and Nick Shumlanski, who have now gone viral after a particularly tear-jerking photo from hospital …

The three young men, all forwards for Humboldt, were recovering in hospital on Saturday morning, when Patter’s father, R.J, captured a photo that speaks louder than words ever could.

There’s a certain unity you acquire in a sports team; a bond that goes further than the field of play and connects teammates together in a way few other things can.

Anyone looking for evidence of that need go no further than R.J’s photo, which quickly went viral on Twitter after he uploaded it.

Of the pic, R.J wrote: “Derek Grayson and Nick bonding and healing in hospital.”

Hundreds of people around the world then shared the image, with messages of support and prayer flooding in.

It got uploaded to Facebook, too, with over 25,000 people opting to share it.

Humboldt Broncos forwards Derek Patter (19), Graysen Cameron (18), and Nick Shumlanski (20) recovering and healing in hospital.Photo courtesy of Derek's father RJ.

Posted by Complete Hockey News on Saturday, 7 April 2018

The shockwaves from the accident have been far-reaching, with Canadian president Justin Trudeau opting to comment on the matter as well.

Since the incident, a GoFundMe page has been set up for the members of the Humboldt Broncos and their families. As of today – Monday, April 9 – it has raised $4.6 million.

There are no words to adequately console the families of those lost in this terrible accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.

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