Canadian model’s breasts were so large that an implant popped, leaving her known as “Uni-Boob”

Body modification is nothing new in the modern world.

With advances in science and medicine it has become possible for people to alter their appearances in ways that would previously have been inconceivable.

It’s no secret that many of the world’s most famous people – from actors and pop stars to members of the aristocracy and beyond – have paid big bucks to undergo treatments and surgeries in an effort to change parts of their bodies they’re unhappy with.

Yet whereas at one point in time it was only the most affluent that could afford such procedures, today they’re within the grasp of most individuals.


Of course, an obvious by-product of so many opting for implants or botox or treatments designed to change the way they look, is a fallout that sees some not happy with the choice they’ve made.

Others are perceived to have gone too far in their experimenting, and end up looking nothing like what they once did (often for the worse).

Yet there are surely few that dare to go as far as one Instagram model who claims to have been having plastic surgeries for 12 years. Going by the name Mary Magdalene on Instagram, the model, from Canada, experienced disaster when one of her 38J breast implants popped.

According to TMZ, ‘Mary’ has also faced having her mental health questioned on social media, but the model herself – who had her first plastic surgery aged 18 – says she is no different to an adrenaline junkie.

Incredibly, Mary – who has amassed quite the following on Instagram – enlarged her breasts to the point where one of the implants popped, leaving her with a “uni-boob”.

The model told TMZ that her many surgeries have given her a great deal of happiness over the years, but she feels it’s finally time to consider breast reduction.

The Canadian revealed that she would have continued to enlarge her breasts if the implant hadn’t have popped. She’s now set to undergo a breast procedure to reduce her implants from 5,000 cc to 700cc.

Naturally, people online have plenty to say about Mary’s appearance, and a lot of it is less than kind. She’s been accused of being mentally sick for continuing to alter her body – she’s had injections to increase the size of her lips and bum, as well as her breasts.

Now, though, after a self-proclaimed “awakening”, Mary wants to move away from the bimbo look and reclaim a more subtle appearance.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still on the fence regarding body alteration and plastic surgery.

On the one hand, I believe everyone has a right to feel comfortable in their own skin, and if altering a part of your body lends you confidence, then your choice should be respected.

On the other hand, I think we can all agree that some people take it too far. Perhaps they don’t know what’s best for themselves, or perhaps they’re striving to achieve a level of perfection that simply isn’t attainable.

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