Cancer patient cuts off long hair, her transformation stuns everyone

Cancer patient cuts off long hair, her transformation stuns everyone

Most people who want to make a big change or get a makeover do it for aesthetic reasons. They just want to be more beautiful and feel better inside.

But some people go to the hair salon for completely different reasons. And this was the definitely the case for a young lady named Laura.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Laura turned to Jerome Lordet at the Pierre Michel Salon in New York.

She wanted to give herself a new look and get a boost before she started chemotherapy.

Thankfully, Jerome knew exactly what to do to fulfill Laura’s wishes! He wanted to help her through this emotionally tough time, and poured his heart into the transformation.

Laura wasn’t just looking for a new look; she wanted to do something uplifting and positive before starting her treatment.

Jerome started by cutting the length off Laura’s long brown hair. It was a bit of a shock at first, but Laura knew it was part of the plan.

While Jerome was cutting, Laura had no idea how the final result would be.

As you can see, Jerome cut off a lot of hair. No wonder Laura was a little nervous.

She couldn’t help but run her fingers through her new short hair a few times.

Jerome wasn’t the only member of the team at the salon to help with the transformation. One of the salon’s most talented makeup artists, Katherine, completed Laura’s makeover.

Katherine used mascara, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick to highlight Laura’s already beautiful face. And her new style is absolutely gorgeous!

Watch this video to see Laura’s wonderful transformation here. Wow!

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It must have been so nice for Laura so see her new look! Many thanks to Jerome Lordet and the Pierre Michel Salon. Wonderful job!

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