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City council refuses to let Eric build garage, then he outsmarts them with the perfect solution

Eric Vekeman lives above his shoe shop, which he has owned for many years, in a small town in Belgium.

He recently he retired and therefore decided to close his shop down. The time has come to unwind and do the things that make him happy in life — without worrying about having to work.

With the shop closed down, he had a whole space empty downstairs. He got to thinking what he could use it for. He decided to turn it into a garage.

Unfortunately for Eric, the town municipality refused his permission to build a garage on his street. They claimed a garage door would look unappealing on the street and harm the overall appearance of the city.

Eric however, was determined to have his garage. He decided to build his garage — his way.

You might wonder how he got away with building his garage and at the same time pleasing the town’s building regulations.

In the video, which is in Flemish, you can clearly see how Eric went about with his plan:

Eric got his garage — without having to changed the outside of his property. Talk about clever! Please share this funny trick with all your friends!

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