They called them the world’s most beautiful twins 10 years ago – but now look what the girls look like today

We usually say that all babies are cute, and naturally, we think of our own children or grandchildren as the cutest of all.

But when Jaqi Clements gave birth to her twin daughters eight years ago, everyone could see that there was something special about these twins.

Even as infants, they were predicted to become “the world’s most beautiful twins”, among other things, according to Daily Star.

Today, the girls are 10, and have indeed just been named “the world’s most beautiful twins”, with hundreds now seeking them out as models.

In June 2010, Jaqi Clements delivered two, healthy twin daughters: Ava Marie and Leah Rose.

The mom loved them from the moment she laid eyes on them.

However, little did she know they would soon become known as “the most beautiful girls in the world” just a few years later — or that they’d be launching a modelling career so soon!

There was just something about these identical twin girls’ that makes people’s hearts melt the second they see them.

Perhaps it’s their big blue eyes and sweet eyebrows, complemented by their golden blonde hair.

Either way, what’s certain is that Ava Marie and Leah Rose have grown up to be two very fairytale-like girls.

See for yourself below:

The girls were so requested that they had their own model agency to make sure everything is right when booked for photography and so on.

Leah Rose and Ava Marie have now reached of 1,3 million followers on social media, after their mom opened an Instagram account for them in 2017.

They have been featured in Harpers Bazaar Brazil and have worked for brands such as Nike, Disney, Mattel and Target. ​

Despite being busy with modeling, acting, and school, mom Jaqi Clements insists her daughter’s is “lovin’ every minute,” according to a blog post.

“They loved to perform their dance routines in front of an audience, any audience. They loved to be the centre of attention,” Jaqi said.

They are so pretty!

Wow, these two sweethearts are simply breathtaking! It’s fascinating to see not one, but two so equally stunning little girls.

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