Couple hides pregnancy for months, now watch when they show up at their family’s door with a baby

These days, it’s almost impossble for expectant parents to keep the gender of their baby a secret — let alone hide fact that they’re pregnant.

Somehow or other, family and friends always manage to find out about the coming addition to the family.

But this couple managed to pull off the impossible. They kept their baby a secret until after she was born.

And it was so worth it. The video they secretly took of the reactions of their family and friends is one of the most joyful, heartfelt things I’ve seen in ages.

Ben and his wife hadn’t seen their family and friends for 10 months, and let’s just say a lot had happened since then.

Ben’s wife had gotten pregnant. She suffered through morning sickness. The couple watched as her belly grew. They went to doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds. They picked out a name. They bought baby clothes and other supplies. And finally, Ben’s wife gave birth to their little girl, Ivy….

But all the while, they kept everything secret so they could surprise their family and friends in person.

I don’t know how they did it. There must have been so many times when they were dying to tell everyone.

But fortunately for us, they kept their amazing secret. Now, we can all watch the glorious reactions and share some of their joy, too.

Check out Ben and his wife’s family and friends the moment they see the baby and realize they’re a grandmother, grandfather, uncle, or aunt. It’s just wonderful!

Could you have kept this secret? There’s no way I could have. Please share this joyful video if you also thought this video was wonderful!