Couple order food from McDonald’s – then wife opens bag and screams: “This isn’t food!”

Fast food can be one of my favourite things to eat when it’s coming from the right place. Obviously it’s not the healthiest or cheapest option, but sometimes it just feels good not to have to cook anything.

The following story is from when one couple chose to eat at the world’s largest food chain; a place that has a store in almost every major city in the world. When they got their food, though, the last thing on their minds was to eat it. In fact, they promptly gave it back, and are now being heralded by their community for it.

Up until the moment I read what happened, I thought this all sounded a bit strange. Trust me, there’s nothing normal about this story…

Couple Stacey and Greg stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s in Hermitage, Tennessee, USA. They were on their way to work and had done this a few times before. On this particular occasion, however, their breakfast would be one they would never forget.


Because they were in their car, they had to go through the drive-thru. Greg ordered what the pair wanted, the staff made the meal and one of the workers took the bag out the restaurant. So far it all sounds normal, right? That’s because it was normal, right up until the moment Stacey and Greg were handed their bag…


Greg handed the bag to Stacey and drove on. It was then that Stacey, sitting in the passenger seat, realised what had happened. When she got the bag, it felt unusually heavy. They hadn’t ordered anything more than the usual, so this immediately seemed strange. She peered into the bag and saw something that made her scream.


“It was a big sum of money. I could have just gone out and shopped,” Stacey joked during a television interview with Channel 5.

The couple are now being hailed as heroes in their community, having given the entire sum back to the restaurant straight away.

“I could have never lived with myself otherwise,” Stacey said.


The couple revealed that they didn’t want anyone to be fired for the mistake. At the same time, they can’t wait to see what turns up in their McDonald’s bag next time around … but I suppose that’s an entirely different story!

Below you can watch a TV clip of Stacey and Greg talking about their experience:

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