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Couple rescues a dying orphan boy – one year later, he’s unrecognizable

Back in 2015, it looked like the days were numbered for a baby named Ryan. He was malnourished and severely ill. But when a couple from Tennessee saw pictures of the emaciated orphan, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. So they packed their bags and went to fetch him.

Now a year later, Ryan is totally unrecognizable.

Last year, Priscilla Morse saw a photo on Facebook that broke her heart. It was of an baby boy starving and near death in a Bulgarian orphanage.

Facebook/Saving Baby Ryan

Ryan, as the boy was later named, was emaciated, pale, and would soon die if he didn’t get help.

Priscilla wanted to adopt him, but she already had two sons, as well as an adopted daughter who has Down syndrome and a heart defect. And bringing Ryan into the family would be a lot of work.

Facebook/Saving Baby Ryan

Priscilla talked with her husband, David, and he felt just as strongly as she did. They needed to give Ryan the life he deserves. So they packed their bags and flew to Bulgaria to adopt Ryan and bring him home to Tennessee.

But Ryan’s journey toward a normal life wasn’t easy. As a result of being malnourished for so long, he had severe health problems, and since he didn’t have any subcutaneous fat to keep him warm, his entire body was covered in hair.

But Priscilla and David fought to make sure Ryan had a good life. And a year after Ryan’s adoption, he is unrecognizable—including the biggest surprise of all: his smile.

Facebook/Saving Baby Ryan

Check out more info about Ryan’s journey at Saving Baby Ryan

Ryan probably would have died if Priscilla and David didn’t adopt him and give him a loving home. But thanks to their humanity, he received medical care, nourishment, and a family who loves him.

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