Dad Looks Into His Baby Cam And Discovers His Daughters’ Unexpected Secret.

For several weeks, this father noticed something strange about his two small daughters. Every night, he said good night to his girls and put them in separate cribs, but every morning, they were somehow together in one of their beds. Not one to believe in ghosts, the dad felt that there must be a logical explanation. He decided to set up a camera in the nursery to find out once and for all what was really going on when he turned off the lights and left their room. What he saw warmed his heart. It seems that these two little girls can’t be apart from each other, even at bedtime. Almost immediately after their dad left the room, one daughter stood up in her crib, threw her pillow into her sister’s crib, and climbed over the railing of her crib to get to her sister.  After their dad had a good laugh about the incident, he went to their room to talk to them about what happened. Thankfully, the dad found out what was going on. As cute the girls’ obvious bond for each other is, climbing out of their cribs in the dark seems dangerous. Luckily, now this dad can find a safe solution so that the sisters can sleep together and avoid climbing around in the dark. See the dad’s cute baby cam footage below!

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