Simon Cowell stunned when nervous dad of 6 delivers Bee Gees classic

Dad of 6 stuns Simon Cowell and America’s Got Talent judges with version of Bee Gees classic

Judge Simon Cowell is hardly known for being the soft, nice guy in any talent show panel – completely the opposite, in fact.

And yet, there are even instances when Cowell’s icy heart seems to melt.

That was the case when father of six Michael Ketterer got on stage as part of this season’s America’s Got Talent.


At first, Michael appeared nervous and shy.

He explained to the judges that he had six children in total, all of them from foster care. Michael also serves the state by way of working as a paediatric mental health nurse.

The reason he went on the program in the first place was to provide inspiration for his family, particularly his children.

By following his own dream, Michael wanted to prove to his kids that their biggest goals can be achieved. He wanted to demonstrate that nothing is impossible, and that his children can and should chase their own dreams until the end.

What an inspiration. Especially so for the children who had come from foster homes and not had the most ideal of starts in life.

Michael chose to sing the Bee Gees song “To Love Somebody”. It’s difficult not to be overcome by emotion when you hear his voice.

What do you like about Michael’s version? Are you as big a fan as Simon Cowell is?

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More people definitely need to see this dedicated father of six!