Dad throws baby from fifth floor and saves his life

Protecting their children from danger is one of the most important jobs of any parent, and if a dangerous situation did occur, most people would risk their lives to save their sons or daughters.

Helena and Vitali Balabanov from the Russian city of Strunino were at home with their two children, three-year-old, Ksenia, and 11-month-old son, Evgeni, when they suddenly smelled smoke.

A fire had broken out in their neighbor’s apartment.

The woman who lived in the next apartment managed to escape, but when Vitali and his family went to leave, the stairwell was so full of smoke that they couldn’t escape.

The whole family was trapped and the fire was spreading quickly.

The only way to get out of there was to jump out the window—but they lived on the fifth floor.

A jump from such a height would surely result in death, but they had no choice.

But then Vitali came up with an idea. He threw a carpet down to the crowd that had gathered down below so they could use to catch the family members as they jumped.

Throwing children from a high window is something that no parent ever wants to do, but a small chance of survival was better than no chance at all.

In this video, shot by a neighbor, people start screaming, “Don’t throw them!” But Vitali was forced to.

The first to be thrown was 11-month-old Evgeni, followed by his sister, Ksenia, and then mom and dad.

Luckily, the whole family managed to survive, even though Vitali suffered a spine injury. Watch the video below to see the terrifying but successful rescue.

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