Dad’s Way Of Helping His Son Fulfill His Dreams Is Genius.

Dad’s Way Of Helping His Son Fulfill His Dreams Is Genius.

When I was little, I did on lots of different after-school activities—from ballet and soccer to piano and swimming. I’m glad I had the opportunity to try out so many different things, because I not only had fun, I also strengthened myself as a person and became more confident and secure. But perhaps the most important advantage was that I was allowed to dream. My parents never stopped me from doing what I love, and I’m still grateful to this day.

In this video, we meet a young boy who dreams of becoming a flamenco dancer. But instead of signing him up for dance classes, his dad signs him up for judo. Every day on the way to class, neighborhood bullies tease the boy and laugh at him. And they think it’s ridiculous that his dad has to accompany him wherever he goes.

Over time, the judo lessons start to pay off and the boy gains confidence in himself and his abilities. And soon, the boy is even left to walk past the bullies on his own.

But what the boy doesn’t know is that his dad has kept the boy’s dreams in his plans the whole time. I teared up a little at the end when the dad brings a small package into the son’s room. I won’t reveal what it is, but you’ll see when you check out the video…

The film is a commercial from American Family Insurance, but it has a good message, which is why I thought I’d share it with you here. In just a few days, the video has been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube.

Share this video with your friends and family in honor of all the ways our dads look out for us.

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