Dancer’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Takes Over The Stage And Completely Melts Everyone’s Hearts.

Bree Hafen isn’t just a great dancer, she’s also the mother of two wonderful children. So when Bree competed on “So You Think You Can Dance,” she naturally brought her two children to watch the audience.

The judges didn’t think Bree’s little ones would be able to see their mom well from seats in the audience, so they invited the darling brother and sister to sit up close at the judges’ table.

Bree got a standing ovation for her performance and the judges sent her son to deliver the news that she had advanced the mext round. Soon Bree’s two-year daughter, Stella, joined her brother onstage while their mom talked to the judges. And that’s when the judge’s realized that Stella also likes to dance.

The judges put on a little music, and just like that, the two-year-old ballerina spontaneously started dancing. It’s completely adorable and 15 seconds into Stella’s dance, the crowd can’t help buy let out a few aww’s.

Check out the 4:30 mark to watch Stella’s wonderful performance. What a good girl! I think she’s going to go far!

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