David Beckham violated church rules during Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding

If nothing else, the royal wedding produced plenty of talking point.

On Saturday, the bells at St. George’s chapel, Windsor, rang out as Princess Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry, said yes to his new wife Meghan Markle. Around two billion viewers are said to have followed the wedding around the world, with the event attracting guests of the absolute highest calibre.

Among those in attendance were Markle’s co-stars from popular US show Suits, as well as a string of high-profile British celebrities including David and Victoria Beckham.

Yet, while ‘Beck’s’ garnered a great deal of attention for his flashy suit and charming smile, he might also have broken the rules during the ceremony, according to Britain’s Daily Express.

David Beckham
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The above image is how most people are used to seeing Beckham. After a long and successful football career, during which he played for such teams as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain and A.C. Milan, as well as captaining England, he hung up his boots in 2013.

At his height, Beckham was one of the world’s highest paid players, and also developed something of a reputation for being a fashion icon.

David Beckham
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, he was on the list of exclusively invited guests at St. George’s chapel, Windsor. He posted to Instagram to share his thoughts on Harry’s big day.

Becks wrote: “What a proud day for our country today! Watching Harry as happy as he was makes us all proud of the man and person he has always been…what a day!”

During the wedding, however, Beckham was seen several times on television cameras honing in on the smallest details. At one point, the cameras managed to highlight a detail about the former football star that many British papers have been quick to circulate. In the video below, you can see Beckham chewing on gum – something that is reportedly a violation of the Church Code of Ethics.


Many Brits noticed the gum-chewing and were subsequently outspoken on Twitter. Of course, it did little to disrupt the wedding itself – Harry and Meghan enjoyed the perfect day.

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