Deaf Girl Can’t Speak With Santa, So He Does Something BEAUTIFUL. Total Heartmelt.

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Children everywhere will excitedly be visiting “Santa himself” in various malls, galleries, and elsewhere around the world. It’s certainly an adorable sight, guaranteeing awwws, ohhs, and giggles, as children sit on Santa’s lap and describe what it is that they would like to have this year for Christmas, because yes, they’ve been good, and nice. One little girl however recently provoked something much more than just awws and giggles. Her visit to Santa at a mall has provoked heart melts and tears everywhere. I personally felt an instant lump in my throat when I watched her very special encounter with this special Mr. Santa. Simple reason being: the sweet 3-year-old girl is deaf. Watch the video to see her most beautiful meeting with Santa. Grab your kleenex first.

It’s in Middlesbrough, UK, that a 3-year-old girl recently hopped up onto Santa’s lap at a local mall. Unfortunately, she could not quite tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.


Her mom explained that the girl had problems with speech and is hard of hearing – at which point Santa asks if she could sign.


When he finds out that she does, the young girl who was preparing to jump off his lap is suddenly drawn back toward Santa: the bearded man has begun to sign to her. And she casually begins to sign back. Heartmelt.


The girl brightens up and begins to explain her Christmas wishes. Santa is informed she would like a scooter.


Watch the beautiful interaction belown:

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