Deaf woman can finally hear – now watch her reaction when Ellen reveals a secret

For almost her entire life, Sarah was completely deaf. The mother of two lacked the hairs in her middle ears that are needed to transport sound to the brain.

But now after 34 years, she’s finally got her first working hearing aid.

There were a lot of sounds for Sarah to process from birdsong to her children’s voices. Everything was brand new, but for someone who hadn’t ever heard anything before, even her husband’s snoring was exciting at first.

However, an effective hearing aid would cost $30,000. It was money that Sarah and her husband, Sloan, didn’t have.

Sloan’s mother, Lari, who considers Sarah the best daughter-in-law in the world, saw her chance of doing something admirable. She’s not rich, but she still wanted to help.

She took out money from her retirement fund to pay for Sarah’s implants.

In the video below, it’s only been eight days since Sarah got her hearing aid.

Watch what happens when Ellen drops an incredible surprise in her lap:

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